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Case Study: Path Water's Transformative Journey with Wilder Retreats


In the pursuit of fostering team cohesion, breaking down communication barriers, and gaining clarity on the company's vision, Path Water embarked on a transformative nature-based retreat with Wilder Retreats in the breathtaking landscapes of Yosemite. This case study explores the benefits realized by Path Water during this unique corporate retreat, which integrated activities such as hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, fly fishing, and UTV adventures.


Path Water, a company committed to sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions, recognized the importance of team building and sought a retreat that aligned with its values. The decision to collaborate with Wilder Retreats, known for their nature-centric team-building experiences, was made with the intention of fostering a deeper connection among team members while immersed in the pristine beauty of Yosemite National Park.


  1. Strengthen Team Relationships: Path Water aimed to build stronger bonds among team members through shared outdoor experiences.

  2. Improve Communication: The company sought to break down communication barriers and enhance collaboration among different departments.

  3. Gain Clarity on Vision: The leadership team hoped that the retreat would provide a conducive environment for reflection, leading to a clearer understanding of the company's long-term vision.


  1. Hiking in Yosemite Valley: The team engaged in guided hikes through Yosemite Valley, fostering camaraderie as they navigated the scenic trails. The shared physical activity served as a foundation for building trust and collaboration.

  2. Rock Climbing: Challenging yet exhilarating rock climbing sessions encouraged teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. Overcoming obstacles together created a sense of accomplishment and unity among team members.

  3. Horseback Riding: Exploring Yosemite on horseback provided a unique perspective of the landscape, fostering a sense of connection with nature and deepening the bonds between colleagues.

  4. Fly Fishing: The tranquil setting of Yosemite's rivers offered an opportunity for team members to relax, unwind, and engage in conversations that extended beyond the workplace. The shared experience of fly fishing promoted a more personal understanding of each team member.

  5. UTV Adventures: Off-road UTV adventures allowed for a mix of excitement and teamwork, reinforcing the importance of collaboration and adaptability in achieving common goals.


  1. Strengthened Team Relationships: The nature-based activities facilitated a sense of shared achievement, leading to stronger interpersonal connections among team members. Trust and camaraderie developed during the retreat continued to thrive in the workplace.

  2. Improved Communication: The retreat provided an open and informal setting for team members to communicate, fostering a more transparent and collaborative work environment. The shared experiences served as conversation starters, breaking down communication barriers that existed prior to the retreat.

  3. Clarity on Vision: The reflective nature of the retreat allowed the leadership team to gain a fresh perspective on the company's vision and values. Discussions held during the retreat contributed to a more unified understanding of long-term goals.


Path Water's nature-based retreat with Wilder Retreats in Yosemite proved to be a pivotal experience, not only for team building but also for gaining clarity on the company's vision. The integration of diverse outdoor activities created a holistic approach to team development, transcending the boundaries of traditional corporate retreats. Through hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, fly fishing, and UTV adventures, Path Water successfully fostered a more cohesive and communicative team, laying the foundation for sustained success and growth.

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