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Facilitated forum retreats for professional organizations supported by life-changing adventure.

What are
Forum Retreats?

Forum retreats are designed specifically for YPO, Entrepreneur Organization and other professional groups to maximize their potential through expertly-facilitated discussion combined with epic adventures.

Wilder will meet you where you are in your forum journey with five packaged programs: Forum (Re)Launch, Diving Deep, Masterful Presentations, Radical Accountability and Leaving a Legacy.

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Whether you’re a new forum just getting off the ground or an existing forum looking to reset your focus and your commitment, our Forum (Re)Launch program is everything you need to set your course and chart your path. We’ll start by aligning your team around a common set of values and a clear purpose. Then we’ll set your agenda and ground rules to make sure your meetings are effective and impactful. Finally, we’ll anticipant potential challenges and friction points and make sure you have the skills and processes to overcome and even learn from them. All while having fun exploring the wilderness and creating deep connections.


This program is specifically designed for existing teams that have been together for some time and feels the need to take their forum to the next level. Through unique individual and team experiences, we’ll find areas for deep sharing and connection that can only happen in a retreat setting. We’ll explore vulnerability and tackle the unsurfaced issues that are holding back your forum from its true potential.

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At the heart of any great forum experience are presentations. Sharing your most difficult and sensitive challenges with a group of trusted peers brings not only transformational insights, it also creates deep connections and trusted relationships. But without the right training, format, and practice, presentations can be flat and even create conflict within a forum. This retreat teaches you the art of masterful presentations and allows you to hone your skills to get the most out of your forum investments.


Leadership is defined by our ability to construct a winning strategy and plot a clear course for success. But none of that matters if we fail to follow through and deliver on our objectives and commitments. In this program, we’ll explore what it means to be accountable and to act with integrity (aligning your actions with your words). At the center of this experience is an exploration with power and control and how you keep promises to the most important person in your life…yourself.

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With great success comes great opportunities…and responsibilities. We’ll think beyond your personal and immediate family needs and explore the impact you want to have on your community, your profession, and society at large. For many, this means charitable giving, for others, it’s creating scholarships and endowments, and for some, it’s about getting directly involved in the social and cultural challenges we face through giving time, knowledge, and expertise.


Whether you choose a retreat close to home or in a National Park across the country, Wilder can create a transformational experience for your forum group. Forum programs are tailored to align your objectives with adventures for each destination.

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Joshua Tree National Park

Sunrise in mountain of Acadia National P

Acadia National Park

Image by A n v e s h

Great Smokies
National Park

3 people standing on rocky mountain duri

Yosemite National Park

Image by Thomas Morse

Colorado Dude Ranch

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Hill Country Texas

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Hudson Valley New York

Image by Jeremy Wan

Arches National Park

Meet Your Guides

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Kirk Reynolds is a wilderness guide and entrepreneur in the adventure travel industry. In 2003, Kirk started adventure operator Discover Outdoors, helping over 5,000 enthusiasts annually explore the mountains and trails on five continents. Discover Outdoors was sold in 2018 to a travel conglomerate. In 2013, Kirk founded the Discover Outdoors Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to providing inner-city students in New York City with equal access to nature and outdoor programs. To expand its reach, the Discover Outdoors Foundation was merged with Cat Rock Ventures in 2019. Seeing a growing need for companies and leaders to have meaningful, nature-based experiences, Kirk founded Wilder, the first-ever retreat company to combine the power of experiences set in National Parks and beyond to unite teams, build culture and inspire bold ideas. Kirk has an MBA and serves as an advisor in the adventure travel space and at the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business.

Bruce Eckfeldt is a consultant, coach, author, and speaker on organizational development and performance management. After graduating from McGill University in Montreal with two degrees in Architecture, Bruce transitioned to digital product development early in his career, where he worked as a product strategy consultant for companies such as WebMD, Prada, the Department of Defense, and Motorola. In 2003, he founded Cyrus Innovation, one of the first Lean/Agile consulting firms, and worked with companies such as Boeing, Kaplan Test Prep, Simon & Schuster, Eze Software, and The New York Times on product development and Lean/Agile transformation initiatives. Cyrus was an Inc 5000 honoree for five years in a row and placed #241 on the Inc 500 in 2009. Since selling Cyrus in 2014, Bruce has focused on coaching and advising CEOs and senior leadership teams on growth strategy and leadership development. He also hosts several podcasts on service companies, cannabis, and therapeutic psychedelics.

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