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Corporate retreats and offsites in nature-based destinations your team will never forget.
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What we do.

Wilder is a full-service corporate retreat, forum retreat, executive offsite and team building facilitator, creating the itinerary, daily agenda and executing on meaningful experiences your entire team will love.


Wilder has over 20 years of experience working in National Parks, regional getaways and destinations around the globe. We will guide you to a location convenient to your team and with ideal weather conditions.

Inclusive Experiences

While some of your team may want to challenge themselves in the outdoors, not every retreat needs to be a mountain summit. We guide experiences your entire team will love, being inclusive of all physical abilities and interests.

Itinerary Design

Immersing your team in a destination while having time for meaningful meetings and discussion is the key for a well-run retreat. Wilder will ensure each day is filled with adventure and just enough downtime.

Expert Facilitation

Connecting people to each other and through nature is our professional purpose. Each meeting and adventure is thoughtfully guided so your team can relax and build memories with each other.

corporate retreat planners

Nature-based experiences for the whole team.

Wilder is the world’s premiere corporate retreat partner for companies seeking nature-focused experiences. We’ve personally witnessed the effect a shared outdoor adventure can have on employers, executives, or clients, and that’s why we create unforgettable offsites in national parks and other stunning locations.

Our connections save you time and money.

Through our network of lodges, hotels, parks and guides, Wilder  creates exclusive experiences and passes wholesale savings down to you, ensuring your retreat runs within budget.

Best company retreat planners
corporate retreat planning company

Tailored just
for you.

Your company is unique and requires a custom experience, just for you. Each itinerary is carefully designed to meet your goals, whether it's team building, offsite meetings or even a reward for your hard-working employees.


What you can expect.


Get-to-know call

It's essential to build a relationship and understand what your goals are for a corporate retreat or offsite. We'll ask a few questions, explain our process and even discuss initial ideas.


Initial Proposal





Based on our download call, we'll research options and check availability for lodging and experiences. We'll present you with an initial proposal with a few options you can take back to your team.

After you give us feedback, we'll refine the proposal until it's to your liking. That's when we'll ask for a signed contract. Don't worry, we'll still be able to incorporate new ideas between this phase and your retreat.

The moment we've been creating and anticipating. Our expert team of retreat facilitators and adventure guides will be on-site to ensure every detail is tended to so you can relax and enjoy your retreat.

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Request a Proposal

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