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Wilder Retreats is the award-winning leader in nature-based corporate retreats.
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Your Best
Company Retreat

Wilder Retreats plans and executes customizable, award-winning retreats around the world, rooted in nature.


Our mission-led team of industry experts innovates, plans, and executes exceptional corporate meetings and experiences for small, medium, and large companies.


Whatever your vision, we'll find the right balance of work, downtime, and unforgettable activities, accessible for anyone on your team.


Wilder Retreats is your proven, trusted company retreat partner. Contact a Retreat Specialist now to get started.

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What is it like to work with Wilder corporate retreat planners?


"Highly recommend working with Wilder Retreats, as their attention to detail and focus on the end user was world class."

Jarvis Nicoll, President


"Our time in was nothing short of magical. We laughed and we grew together. It was a humbling reminder of the beauty and power of nature."

Lily Bakour, Communications


"This program was helpful in giving me the insight on what I need to focus on so I can scale my business and remain profitable."

Dominic Piccarillo, CEO

Hear from us within 24 hours

Imagine an unforgettable company retreat, where you connect, transform, and grow.


Imagine that it's so impactful, the business profits, loyalty deepens, and your top recruits join.


The best part? You save yourself and the company time and money.  


Start planning your dream company retreat with Wilder Retreats today.

Thank you! A Wilder Retreat Specialist will contact you within 24 hours.

Why Wilder Retreats?


Industry Experts

Wilder Retreats is led by a two-time travel industry founder and leader. Our team has decades of combined experience and expertise in travel, adventure, and corporate retreats.

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Award-Winning Service

We are honored to have been named a 2023 Top Corporate Retreat Service Provider by Manage HR Magazine, and to be featured in USA Today as a solution for companies seeking more meaningful team retreats. 

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Exclusive Access

We approach each new client with fresh eyes and unique ideas, while offering our permits, exclusive access, and time-tested relationships, to create truly unforgettable experiences that only Wilder Retreats can curate.

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Easy and Efficient

Our team, systems, and tools take the work off of your plate, while our relationships and knowledge offer invaluable cost and time savings. We're your one-stop-shop for corporate retreat planning.

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Our mission is to inspire connection, innovation, and growth through unforgettable, exceptionally executed retreats, rooted in nature.

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Fun for the
whole team

Each Wilder Retreat is customizable, so the level of adventure is entirely up to you! 


Most of our clients combine meeting time with outdoor excursions, from horseback riding, hiking, and rock climbing, to ATV tours, ice plunges and local, curated experiences.


As the world’s premiere corporate retreat partner for nature-based off-sites, we're experts in balancing activity with everything else you want to achieve.


So, where do you want to go?

Trusted and Preferred Retreat Planners

We value our time-tested relationships and expertise in national parks, national forests, landmarks, and historic sites. 


Not only does Wilder hold permits and limited access to iconic destinations, but we're a trusted and preferred partner to some of the world’s best lodges, resorts, and remote inns.  


These invaluable relationships enable us to create entirely unique and unforgettable experiences for our clients.

After a day of thinking and doing, Wilder Retreats will help you unwind at one of the world's best resorts.

Best company retreat planners
corporate retreat planning company

Fully customized company retreats

If the words “outdoor adventure” make you nervous, you can relax. Our retreat itineraries are completely customizable, and we’ve curated retreats for all adventure levels. 


Want to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro? Let’s go! Prefer an outdoor culinary challenge hosted by a local, famed chef? Amazing! Or, how about a historic hike and scavenger hunt? We’re on it.


For many clients, we even create breakout experiences for those seeking different ranges of activity. 


The bottom line: we believe comfort and nature can co-exist. 


That’s why we have relationships with some of the most exclusive and luxurious backcountry lodges in the world. Imagine a day of exhilaration, followed by recounting it all at a five-star dinner.  


Wilder has over 20 years of experience, relationships, and industry leadership, from National Parks to regional getaways and exclusive destinations around the world.  

Accessible Adventures

We guide company retreats your entire team will love, with adventures for all appetites, abilities, and interests. Our goal is for everyone to feel joy, connection, and growth. 

Customized Itineraries

From unforgettable activities to working sessions and downtime, your Wilder Retreats Specialist will customize your itinerary to meet your needs.

Client Commitment  

We are committed to exceptional service, from transparency to creativity, and attention to detail. It's your company retreat. Enjoy it! Leave the rest to us.

Save time and money.

Executing an effective retreat that achieves all of your team’s goals is time-consuming and costly. It pulls your internal team away from critical work.


Wilder saves you invaluable time. Not only have our destination experts and retreat planners created systems and efficiencies, but we have a vast network of partners in lodging, park systems, transportation and local activities and outfitters. 


Those relationships also allow us to pass wholesale savings down to you, to save you money. Plus, we remove the many players and layers in the retreat planning process by owning each step in-house. 


From your first call with us to our celebration on the last day of your retreat, Wilder will manage it all!


Industry expertise as team retreat leaders.

As an accredited member of the IATA, Wilder is passionately led by a team of industry experts, with decades of global guiding and retreat planning experience. 


Our founder, Kirk Reynolds, has been a trusted and beloved leader in the outdoor and travel industries for two decades. Kirk and his teams have led thousands of individuals and groups around the world, up and down mountains, and through countless team-building events.


Beyond our immediate Wilder team, we have trusted partners in all corners, who prefer and prioritize Wilder, and create extra special touches for our customers.

Masterful onsite execution

When it comes to hosting your event, we know what it takes to make a corporate offsite a success. 


But, we also know to expect the unexpected. That’s why we assign an onsite Retreat Specialist to each and every event, regardless of the size and duration. 


You and your team can step back and fully enjoy your retreat, while our on-the-ground specialists attend to each detail, pivoting with poise if needed. 


From your executive leadership to each attendee, your team can be present, while we handle the details.


We take immense pride in getting it right. Just ask our many happy clients who return to Wilder for their company retreats.

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How We Plan the Best Company Retreats


Connect with you

First, we learn your vision and goals for your company retreat. In our introductory call, your Wilder Retreat Specialist will learn as much as we can about your company, brand, culture and needs. Once we understand some basic parameters, and what success looks like for you, we'll get to work.


Coordinate and execute

Once we've confirmed your corporate retreat details, your expert Wilder Retreat Specialist will coordinate all of the operations, from travel and meal planning to onsite logistics. Remember, when you choose Wilder, you get a full end-to-end partner, so you can actually enjoy your team retreat.


Plan your dream retreat

Our team will build sample itineraries based on your feedback, with room for flexibility and adjustments. We'll tap into our vast network of Wilder partners and friends, and consider factors like timing, travel, inclusivity, and weather. 



With your team offsite running smoothly behind the scenes, you can dive into every activity and be present. Unexpected change? No worries. Our onsite Wilder Retreat Specialist is there to handle it. We love what we do. Thank you for choosing us as your corporate retreat partner!

Corporate Retreat Destination Ideas


Yellowstone National Park

We’ve taken teams to Jackson Hole, WY where they learned from wildlife biologists, hiked in Grand Teton and Yellowstone, and witnessed geysers, all while enjoying world class dining at a 5 star hotel thanks to our seasoned relationships. Contact us now to learn more about corporate retreats in Jackson Hole.

Sometimes staying until Sunset means you

Arches National Park

Exploring canyons among breathtaking natural beauty, and 4x4 Jeep tours of the rocky region are just a few highlights of a company retreat in Utah. Given our expertise with off-the-beaten path excursions in Utah, your team is guaranteed an exceptional retreat.  Book a complimentary discovery call now.

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Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley in New York is the ultimate retreat for companies seeking adventure, seclusion, and proximity to international airports. Experiences include yoga in the woods, hikes, horseback riding, mountain biking and more. Our vast network for New York area Wilder guides is ready to help you execute your dream company retreat. 

Premium Customer Service

We love what we do, and we believe that enthusiasm affects our results. In fact, we’ve seen how our retreat planning expertise, calm, and joy for the work can impact the group's energy, and encourage people to push themselves.


Our positive energy isn’t just reserved for the retreat. We carry it through every touchpoint with our client partners. 


Reach us any time, and you’ll get a real person responding to your questions, concerns, or needs.


Day and night, we are committed to maintaining the personal approach and attention we’re famous for.

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Our values

Like our retreats, our values are rooted in nature.

Dare to be honest.

Nature can’t hide. It faces change and hardship with integrity. We are brave enough to be transparent with each other and our clients. Always, but especially when it’s easier not to be.

Grow, together.

Like symbiosis in nature, we look for ways to help people grow: our team, clients, and partners. This collective growth unlocks our business goals.

Create every day.

Mother Nature is a tireless creator. We draw inspiration from her. Creative solutions. Creative experiences. Creative touches. We seek out ways to be creative every day.

Think bigger.

Nature has boundless potential. So do we. Our opportunity to change lives, including our own, is limited only by our mindset, so we think bigger, and take bold action.



A Wilder Retreat Specialist will contact you within 24 hours.

Thank you! A Wilder Retreat Specialist will contact you at the email you provided within 24 hours.

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