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Book a Call

Book a Call

15 minutes

In this call, we will:

1. Review your retreat goals.

2. Get some basic information, such as location and dates.

3. Discuss some ideas to get your feedback.


What you can expect.





Get-to-know call

Initial Proposal



It's essential to build a relationship and understand what your goals are for a corporate retreat or offsite. We'll ask a few questions, explain our process and even discuss initial ideas.

Based on our download call, we'll research options and check availability for lodging and experiences. We'll present you with an initial proposal with a few options you can take back to your team.

After you give us feedback, we'll further refine the proposal until it's to your liking. That's when we'll ask for a signed contract. Don't worry, we'll still be able to incorporate new ideas between this phase and your retreat.

The moment we've been creating and anticipating. Our expert team of retreat facilitators and adventure guides will be on-site to ensure every detail is tended to so you can relax and enjoy your retreat.

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