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Wilder Retreats


At least 120 minutes in nature is associated with improved well-being, but the average adult spends 5 hours or less outside/week. 


Time in nature is proven to reduce cortisol levels, making it easier to concentrate and problem solve. 


Exposure to Vitamins D and C keeps serotonin levels up, increasing creativity, joy, and energy.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the happiest workers are lumberjacks, farmers, and foresters.


Our mission is to inspire connection, innovation, and growth through unforgettable, exceptionally executed retreats, rooted in nature.

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Our values

Like our retreats, our values are rooted in nature.

Dare to be honest.

Nature can’t hide. It faces change and hardship with integrity. We are brave enough to be transparent with each other and our clients. Always, but especially when it’s easier not to be.

Grow, together.

Like symbiosis in nature, we look for ways to help people grow: our team, clients, and partners. This collective growth unlocks our business goals.

Create every day.

Mother Nature is a tireless creator. We draw inspiration from her. Creative solutions. Creative experiences. Creative touches. We seek out ways to be creative every day.

Think bigger.

Nature has boundless potential. So do we. Our opportunity to change lives, including our own, is limited only by our mindset, so we think bigger, and take bold action.


Wilder is led by Kirk Reynolds and Kim Burchfield, who bring 40+ combined years of experience to our clients, retreats, and culture. Our global team of guides, partners, and outfitters are all proudly trained on our mission, values and standards. We love what we do, and that joy shows up at every Wilder Retreat. 

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Kirk Reynolds is our founder and CEO. He's a wilderness guide, and has been in the outdoor travel industry for more than 20 years. In 2003, Kirk launched Discover Outdoors in New York City. He and his 50+ person guide team guided over 5,000 travelers annually on adventures across five continents, and executed hundred+ person retreats for organizations from Google to Columbia University. In 2013, Kirk founded the Discover Outdoors Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to providing inner-city students with outdoor education. In 2018, Kirk sold Discover Outdoors to a travel conglomerate, and merged the Foundation with another non-profit to extend its impact. Kirk was recruited to leading luxury travel brand, Abercrombie & Kent, to launch its North American DMC. Recognizing the need for reconnection at work, Kirk founded Wilder Retreats and hasn't looked back. Kirk has an MBA, and serves as an advisor at the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business. Along with his wife and 4 kids, he collects unique travel experiences to pass along to Wilder's clients.

Meet Kim Burchfield, Wilder's Head of Operations and Client Success. With more than 20 years of travel industry experience, Kim is passionate about creating retreats that represent our client’s vision and Wilder’s mission and values. Previously, Kim was Senior Director of Account Management, Risk Management and Field Operations at WorldStrides, where she led her team on itinerary development, client success, and partner relations. Not only was she responsible for program quality, but Kim was on the ground to support more than 300,000 travelers worldwide. Ask Kim about the 35 countries she’s visited, which four she’s called home, and in which one she nearly gave birth in a taxi. When she’s not exploring the globe with her family, Kim loves to discover local trails with her dog, Pearl. Contact Kim now to book your unforgettable company retreat.

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