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Colorado Ranch
Company Retreat

Bring your team out to the Rockies.


Nestled amidst the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado Ranch stands as an oasis of serenity just hours from the hustle of Denver. Picture vast grasslands, interspersed with trees, with the Rockies standing tall in the backdrop. This idyllic landscape is where teams transform, making it an ideal locale for your next retreat.

Where you will connect at the end of the day.

Wilder partners with select properties to provide an optimal experience for connection and access to team building adventures. Each lodge is carefully chosen to provide uninterrupted meeting space, comfortable sleeping and impromptu conversations. Explore our corporate retreat accommodations below or contact us for other options.


Devil's Thumb



The Colorado ranch offers an ideal team-building experience, combining natural beauty with diverse activities. Set amidst picturesque landscapes, the ranch fosters unity through thrilling adventures like hiking and horseback riding, along with more relaxed pursuits such as fishing and campfire bonding. Thoughtfully designed team challenges and workshops promote effective communication and collaboration, strengthening interpersonal relationships and teamwork skills, making the ranch a perfect destination for a memorable and impactful team experience.



With a complete fly shop, expert fishing guides, fly fishing instruction, and extensive private water access; the Ranch is a haven for anglers. There are four miles of Ranch Creek on the property as well as a mile of the Fraser River, both waters of the Colorado River. Whether you were born holding a fly rod or you’re just getting hooked, there are programs and services to fit your  team's experience.


Take your practice off the mat and onto the water for paddleboard yoga. Find peace and serenity outdoors on the water and surrounded by mountains and wildlife at the Upper Ridge Pond. Great for all skill sets and fitness levels.



Learn, practice, and maybe get a little competitive when you try your hand at hatchet throwing. This fun activity is perfect for team-building and letting off steam.

Wagon Rides

Enjoy mountain sightseeing on 6,500 pristine acres with horse-drawn wagon rides. This activity for all abilities is a spectacular way to kick-start your Colorado mountain retreat. Riders of all ages and abilities will experience untamed mountain wilderness, learn the history of the valley, and find new ways to explore.


Make this retreat your own.

Each Wilder Retreat is designed exclusively for your unique personality and to meet your goals. Contact us today to learn about different experiences, accommodations and itineraries.


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