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Banff National Park
Corporate Retreat 

Unite Your Team Amidst the Majestic Canadian Rockies


Banff National Park, nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, spans over a million acres of pristine wilderness, waiting to be explored. Beyond the soaring peaks and verdant forests, Banff promises an unparalleled team-building experience. In this haven of natural beauty, your team will not only reconnect with nature but also forge deeper bonds with one another.




Trek through the aromatic pine forests, with the backdrop of Banff's iconic snow-capped mountains.

Experience the thrill of whitewater rafting as you navigate the turbulent waters of the Bow River.

Unwind and share stories by the poolside at your chosen resort.

Channel some friendly rivalry with a spirited five-pin bowling face-off.

Culminate each day by savoring exquisite local cuisine at Banff’s renowned eateries.


Day 1

Welcome to the Rockies

As you step into the majestic realm of Banff National Park, the grandeur engulfs you. After settling into your luxurious accommodations, gather for a welcome dinner, toasting to the adventures that lie ahead, in one of Banff's signature restaurants.

Day 2

Immersing in Banff’s Wilderness

Lead your team amidst the towering pines and diverse habitats that make Banff an ecological treasure. Embark on scenic hikes, or feel the adrenaline surge with whitewater rafting on the Bow River. The evening can be reserved for cultural immersions, introducing your team to the rich fauna that calls Banff home.

Day 3

Adventure and Relaxation, Hand in Hand

From teeing off amidst the Rockies at a picturesque golf course to a lively bowling match, Banff offers an eclectic mix of team activities. And for those seeking tranquillity, a rejuvenating spa session or a calming yoga routine awaits.

Day 4

Bidding Adieu to the Mountains

As the sun paints the mountains golden, gather for a farewell breakfast, reminiscing about the shared memories. With hearts full of gratitude and backpacks filled with stories, it’s time to bid adieu to Banff.



Where you will connect at the end of the day.

Wilder partners with select properties to provide an optimal experience for connection and access to team building adventures. Each lodge is carefully chosen to provide uninterrupted meeting space, comfortable sleeping and impromptu conversations. Explore our corporate retreat accommodations below or contact us for other options.


Fairmont Banff Springs

Impressive architecture resembling a Scottish Baronial castle, it exudes elegance and charm. From the moment you step foot into the lobby, you are enveloped in a world of luxury and comfort.


Rimrock Resort 

Stunning views of the Canadian Rockies provide a relaxing and comfortable stay for its guests. The on-site restaurant offers a variety of delectable international and local cuisine, catering to all taste preferences.


Fairmont Lake 

Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, including the iconic turquoise lake and towering mountain peaks. It offers a sublime retreat for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those in search of tranquility.


From invigorating hikes to leisurely golf rounds, from heart-pounding rafting sessions to tranquil spa visits, Banff caters to every whim and fancy. Trust Wilder to craft an itinerary that mirrors the diverse interests of your team while ensuring collective bonding and growth.




horseback riding



Make this retreat your own.

Each Wilder Retreat is designed exclusively for your unique personality and to meet your goals. Contact us today to learn about different experiences, accommodations and itineraries.


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