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6 Reasons to Book Your Corporate Retreat in Virginia

Virginia is for lovers, but it’s also for incredible company retreats that blend history, nature, and adventure. With the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains to the west, the beaches to the east, and endless exploring in between, Virginia is packed with something for everyone on your team. 

At Wilder Retreats, we design custom corporate retreats based on each client’s goals. Then, we handle the entire thing, from start to finish, including onsite event management. Here are a few sample activities we might put on the agenda for your Virginia company retreat. 

Guided Hike-A-Thon 

From Shenandoah National Park to the serene and rolling trails of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia serves up nature around every corner. With our signature guided hike-a-thon, your Wilder Retreat Specialist will design a route through the woods. Each hiking team will have a set time to brainstorm a challenge given to us by your company. No laptops. No desks. No confined spaces. This brainstorm takes place in nature, where cortisol levels are high and ideas can flow! Navigating back to your home base, each team will present their solutions around a campfire. 

Kayaking and Canoeing

Virginia is home to some of the most picturesque bodies of water, from the James River to Lake Anna and more. Imagine embarking on a kayaking adventure, where teams must navigate new territory together, communicating constantly to maintain control of the boat. On this exciting excursion, we’ll dock on the shore for a picnic lunch and share our most surprising learnings from a day on the water.  

Zip Lining & Ropes Courses

Looking for a thrill ride on your Virginia Corporate Retreat? Zip lining and ropes courses are a blast. But, they’re also a fantastic way to push teams past their comfort zones, where lasting breakthroughs and bonds can form. Your Wilder Retreats team will tap into our trusted relationships with the top local outfitters, to ensure an unforgettable experience for your Virginia team retreat. 

We haven’t even mentioned ATV adventures on seemingly endless backwoods trails, beach and oceanside excursions, and even hangliding. Virginia has something for everyone, and at Wilder Retreats, we’re committed to making sure every person on your team feels included. Contact one of our Retreat Specialists today to get started! 

Where to stay on your Virginia Corporate Retreat

The Omni Homestead Resort

Located in Hot Springs, Virginia, The Omni Homestead Resort is a historic gem that offers a blend of luxury and outdoor adventure. This resort features spacious meeting rooms equipped with modern amenities, ideal for corporate events. Outside the boardroom, teams can enjoy golfing, hiking, and even a rejuvenating visit to the resort's natural hot springs. The Omni Homestead provides a perfect balance of work and relaxation, ensuring a productive and enjoyable retreat.

Lansdowne Resort and Spa

Situated in Leesburg, Lansdowne Resort and Spa is a premier destination for corporate retreats. With its comprehensive conference facilities, including state-of-the-art meeting rooms and expansive outdoor spaces, it’s perfect for both large and small gatherings. The resort also offers a variety of team-building activities such as golf, culinary challenges, and wellness programs. Nestled along the Potomac River, Lansdowne provides a serene environment conducive to both work and relaxation.

Kingsmill Resort

Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg is another excellent choice for corporate retreats. This resort offers versatile meeting spaces, luxurious accommodations, and a plethora of recreational activities. Teams can enjoy golf, tennis, and spa services, along with access to the James River for water-based team-building exercises. Kingsmill’s picturesque setting and top-notch amenities make it an ideal spot for fostering team spirit and productivity.

Meet Your Team in Virginia!

Virginia's diverse landscape and rich history provide a perfect backdrop for corporate retreats that blend work with outdoor adventure. The state’s top resorts offer luxurious accommodations and exceptional facilities to ensure your retreat is both productive and enjoyable. 

Coupled with exciting outdoor team-building activities like hiking, kayaking, zip-lining and more, Virginia stands out as a premier destination for corporate getaways that can revitalize and strengthen your team.

For your Virginia corporate retreat, contact Wilder and let us take care of each detail, from start to finish. Our team of seasoned experts will handle it all, from meals and travel to agenda and on-property oversight. Your team will return not only more united and motivated, but also refreshed. Book your complimentary discovery call now

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