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Forum Retreat:
Diving Deep

Create deep connections to take your forum group to the next level.


This program is specifically designed for existing teams that have been together for some time and feels the need to take their forum to the next level. Through unique individual and team experiences, we’ll find areas for deep sharing and connection that can only happen in a retreat setting. We’ll explore vulnerability and tackle the unsurfaced issues that are holding back your forum from its true potential.

Lian Lebret, Owner

"This experience can open your eyes to hidden patterns your company might have and give tools on how to grow your company effectively and strategically."

David Klar, CEO

"A shot of adrenaline and focus! I now have a more defined picture of my company and what I need to do to grow my business."


Dominic Piccarillo, CEO

"This program was helpful in giving me the insight on what I need to focus on so I can scale my business and remain profitable."


Forum retreats typically run four days in length, allowing a day on either end for travel and two full days of concentrated discussion and experiences that reinforces the retreat's mission.

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Arrive at your destination, typically a private villa or a wilderness lodge, where your forum group will enjoy a welcoming dinner and toast. After dinner, partake a privately-guided stargazing experience and discuss your intentions for the retreat under the night sky.


In your first full day, you'll gather to lay the groundwork for the retreat. You'll have a retrospective to review what's working and what's not working. Your group will immerse in radical candor exercises. You will undergo a root cause analysis and discuss the "5 Why's." Lastly, you'll share team appreciation and feedback.

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Start the day with a sunrise hike and setting a vivid vision for your future. With your group, you will each establish your personal goals and commitments, followed by an extreme ownership exercise. The culmination of your work is a 12-month roadmap for your business and professional commitments.

Recommended Destinations

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Name, Title

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Name, Title

Make this retreat your own.

Each Wilder Retreat is designed exclusively for your unique personality and to meet your goals. Contact us today to learn about different experiences, accommodations and itineraries.


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