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How adventurous are the activities? Does everyone on our team need to be in shape?

Image by Eddy Billard


How adventurous are the activities? Does everyone on our team need to be in shape?

Wilder's retreats are fully customized to meet everyone's unique needs. We have a range of itineraries and activities, from quiet wildlife tours to climbing mountains. Our commitment is all members of your team feel included, safe and amazing about who they are coming into the retreat.

Wilder's team of experts are impressive, but what if we want someone else to lead our retreat?

No offense taken, we are all students of the game and we welcome the opportunity to learn from other experts. You are free to bring your own facilitator or have Wilder source your dream host.

Do we need to pick from one of your existing retreats or can we create something new?

Our list of past retreats is just a starting point for inspiration. Wilder has experience leading events all over the globe and we welcome the challenge of creating an event just for you.

How far in advance do we need to plan our retreat?

We accept last-minute requests, though availability may limit what's possible. We prefer at least three months to make sure we achieve  your goals.

How much should we budget for a retreat?

Retreats budgets have a wide range, depending on your group size, duration, accommodations and level of activities. We will work hard to meet your budget and advise you on how to achieve it.

Is there a typical group size?

Executive retreats tend to be smaller, from four to twenty people, while departmental or company-wide offsites can be as large as 300. We have packages that are designed just for your group size.

Does the focus of the retreat need to be business or do you have other themes?

Business retreats are our most commonly requested experiences, but we service other topics and industries such as education, tech, science, healthcare and wellness.

Didn't find your question? Contact us, we're happy to talk.

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