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About Wilder

Wilder is the first-ever retreat company to combine the power of experiences set in National Parks and beyond to unite teams, build culture and inspire bold ideas.

Our Philosophy

When we set out to create Wilder, we wanted to build a company that would inspire teams, innovators and industry leaders to think more courageously. We've witnessed thousands of lives changed through outdoor experiences. By pushing your perceived limits in the outdoors, whether it's on a hike or summiting a mountain, you expand your vision for yourself and those around you. Combining powerful outdoor experiences with business workshops, you create change that doesn't fade when you return to the office. Lessons and skills learned from the outdoors are sustained in the office.

Our Values

People who are connected to nature and with each other are more creative and inspired to take bold action.


To activate the mind, you must activate the body and spirit.

If you overcome a daring challenge, you have visceral evidence that you can be more. This leads to more courageous ideas and inspired action.


Nature is the most effective teacher for building responsible companies and teams.


All of us are capable of doing more than we think. Being in a safe and inspiring environment allows us to expand our vision for ourselves and our team.


We’re looking for passionate and innovative talent to join our team.

Image by Jason Goodman
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